Rise To Your Purpose

Episode 109: The Rooted Wife (Ft. Shayla Huber)

February 26, 2024 Brandie Thomas
Rise To Your Purpose
Episode 109: The Rooted Wife (Ft. Shayla Huber)
Show Notes

Do you want to get rooted in your identify in Christ, uncover your kingdom assignment, restore your marriage, and be set free? 

Then check out this new episode with author of an all new book on marriage and coach, Shayla Huber. 

Her mission is spread the love of Christ, help women root their identity in Him, and to help marriages and families flourish with a seek God first approach. 

Be sure to grab her book: 10 Things I Hate About My Husband: How God healed my heart, restored my marriage, and set me free

Tiktok: @shaylahuber30 Facebook: Shayla Marie Website: ⁠shaylamariehuber.com⁠

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